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Choose a 40-minute discussion from across all three streams and learn from the experience of the discussion leader, your fellow delegates, and share your own perspective. See below the 2020 agenda:




Chairman’s Welcome



Keynote: The Connected Business that will Increase Revenue and Delight your Customers

During this keynote, you will hear about how some customers have changed their strategy in order to be more agile, stay on top of competition by reduce time to market significantly and deliver positive business outcome. 

  • Business outcome
  • Agile and future ready
  • High resilience



Keynote: Unlocking the Value of Digital Transformation within the Industrial Environment

A number companies are either talking about or investigating how they can start to unlock the benefits of digital transformation, yet many are still unsure of where to start and what potential business outcome improvement it can deliver. During this keynote we will discuss some case studies of companies who have already embarked on this journey, the business value they delivered, the lessons learnt and future plans.

  • Digital transformation
  • Business change
  • Process improvement



Discussion Hosts Introductions


Discussion Session 1

During the conference choose five discussion groups from across all three conference streams. Each discussion group lasts for 30 minutes and is limited to 7 delegates. All discussion groups are concurrent, allowing you to work your way through the discussion groups that matter most to you over the course of the day. Choose from the list of discussion groups below in this stream, or click a tab to see the available discussion groups in the other conference streams.


Coffee Break and Networking


Keynote: AI Powered Supply Chains

AI promises to be one of the most disruptive technologies to hit manufacturing in many years. Supply chain and operation activities are one of the biggest areas set to benefit from the application of AI both in terms of added flexibility and as a straight increase in profit margin.

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Business agility
  • Digital transformation



Keynote: Disrupt, be Disrupted or Innovate? Using your Business Ecosystem to turn Threats into Opportunities

From digitalisation to sustainability, new business models to low cost entrants and commoditisation, manufacturers are facing disruption in many forms. In your business ecosystem, how do you anticipate change, act early and innovate to turn threats into opportunities?

  • Consider the threats and disruptions in your business ecosystem
  • Understand how your customer can help to disrupt your market
  • Establish close partnerships to build the next disruptive innovation



Exhibitor Introductions




Keynote: Riding the Wave of Uncertainty: How Manufacturers are Planning for a Brighter Future

Manufacturing is the engine room for a healthy economy and, according to the industry organisation Make UK, contributed 11% to the UK’s gross value added (GVA) while accounting for 45% of total exports. Governments realise that an economy based on service industries alone cannot survive in the long run. Manufacturers themselves are going back to basics, returning to their manufacturing roots, and putting a renewed premium on production knowledge. This means the manufacturing industry has been forced to reinvent itself. Fuelled by disruptive forces such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0, a major overhaul of key business processes is needed — across product innovation, production, and supply chain

  • Automated information sharing
  • Technology enabled collaboration
  • Operational agility



Keynote: Topline Growth through Digitalisation: Industry 4.0 Insights for Executives

There has been an increased emphasis on digitalisation within manufacturing/industrials. Whilst some may see this as a way to reduce cost, we believe the bigger profit opportunities will come from focusing on the topline (revenue side). In this session we will share insights based on Simon-Kucher’s Global Pricing & Sales Study and Commercial Excellence project experience to cover the following key takeaways: 

  • What digitalisation strategies are companies exploring?
  • What initiatives are providing the best returns?
  • How is digitalisation reshaping pricing and sales teams?



Keynote: The Secret to Employee Engagement

Manufacturing like most sectors is facing skills gaps and shortages, all against a back drop of change and accelerated change. As the cyber and physical worlds converge, with the traction and scaling of the technologies we are seeing round macro level frameworks such as Industry 4.0 , the sector is at a tipping point where tacit knowledge needs to be unlocked and new talent attracted to what is the most exciting sector.

  • Attracting talent is just the beginning
  • Digital transformation starts from within
  • Engaged Employees drive's value



Keynote: Building High Performance Innovation Teams

Building an innovative culture and high performance team(s) is a  challenge for many and a massive competitive advantage when done successfully. Understand the core tools required to engage your teams and create an environment for new ideas and processes to make you money!

  • Who owns the innovation agenda?
  • What makes an innovative employee tick?
  • How to combine business strategy with an agile culture



Panel Discussion: Where is the Low Hanging Innovation Fruit?

Understanding when and where to spend your effort and energy is as important as innovation itself. Learn from the experts about where and when the most impact  innovation projects have taken place.



Discussion Host Conclusions


Summit Closes