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Two weeks before the conference, all delegates are asked to submit questions to our speakers in advance – enabling them to provide insight on the specific issues and examples the audience faces. Manufacturing Innovation Summit Online mirrors the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions.

Agenda 2020 | Manufacturing Innovation Summit


Our Plenary sessions bring together all attendees in a single virtual room – concentrating the event’s focus on a series of high-profile content sessions. These content sessions include presentations from our keynote speakers, short & snappy “Five-Minute Ideas”, as well as expertly moderated panel discussions. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Discussion Rooms

Periodically during the conference the audience will split to into three Discussion Rooms, for a 40-minute interactive Q&A, hosted by a leading manufacturer and a technology expert. Each Discussion Room is dedicated to a specific, and you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you. In each session, you’ll hear insights from both of your co-hosts before an extended, moderated Q&A using questions submitted in advance, and live on the day.Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.


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A welcome from our Chairperson.

Peter Colman, Partner and shareholder, Simon Kucher & Partners  

Disruption is here and this crisis is different to previous ones. Efficiency and operational excellence, whilst useful, won’t be enough. You need an innovative response to address demand changes and disruptions to your go-to-market model.  We define this as commercial agility - the ability to make pricing, product design, sales and cost management decisions with unprecedented speed and flexibility until some form of equilibrium returns to your market.

 Key takeaways from this session:

- Understanding where you are and where you need to get to

- Best-in-class commercial practices from within the 5 pillars

- Where and how to start the transformation

Ben Peace, Head of Manufacturing, KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network)  

How KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) works for the greater good of the UK manufacturing industry, making links to the right expertise and partners, and funding & finance.

This will be your time to ask the moderator your burning questions from the sessions sofar.

Take a break from the morning sessions and key takeaway's learnt sofar.

Please choose from the following options:

Workforce skills of the future

Workforce skills of the future

What are your future innovotive plans for your workforce?

Create an innovation culture

Creating an innovation culture

What is required to create an innovative culture in the business?

Value your workforce

Valuing your workforce

How are you valuing your people to business sustainability

AI powered recruitment

AI powered recruitment

Which AI tools have you adopted to ensure that you recruit the best talent?

Flexible workforce on a budget

Create a flexible workforce

Can you afford to offer a flexible workforce when working on a budget?

Please choose from the following options:


Digital transformation

How are you unlocking digital transformation within your industry?

Valuing innovation

Valuing innovation

What steps are you taking to enhance your innovation strategy?

Industry 4.0

Implementing Industry 4.0

How are you implementing industry 4.0?

Transforming your road maps

Building a transformation road map

Ensure that you have adopted a strong plan when transforming your strategies

AI powered supply chain operations

AI powered supply chain operations

How are you implementing AI to power your supply chain operations

Harnessing big data

Harnessing Big Data

How are you harnessing your data?

Data visualisation

Data Visualisation

The value of visualising data, and working towards end-to-end visualisation

Industrial blockchain

Industrial blockchain

How are you adopting blockchain to power industrial manufacturing?

Connecting the physical and virtual

Connecting the Physical and Virtual: Digital Twin

Product design and circular economy

Product Design and the Circular Economy